The best day trips from Vienna

What day trips can you do from Vienna?

Are you visiting Vienna for a few days or just have some spare time and wondering what to do?

Then this article is for you!

If you are looking for some inspiration, below you will find a list with daily trips from Vienna and things to do in and outside Austria.

Day trips are an amazing way to visit a new city or place in a short period of time and make some new memories.

Thanks to the Vienna favorable location, there are a number of wonderful cities to see and things to do around Vienna.


Here are our favorite day trips from Vienna:

Danube Valley Day Trip

The Danube Valley is loved by many locals and tourists especially for its beautiful views and vineyards. Visit the wonderful Wachau in a day trip to enjoy the Melk Abbey, stroll the streets of Melk city, have romantic vineyards views and take a walk in the famous Dürnstein. Our special tip for you is to try the extremely juicy apricots, that are typical for the Wachau valley.

Explore the Danube Valley day trip


Hallstatt Day Trip

Have you ever wondered what is the most picturesque place near Vienna?

If so, you definitely have to visit Hallstatt.

Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and lake, the iconic Hallstatt is located in the Austrian Salzkammergut. Looking at the beautiful wooden houses covered with snow is what makes Hallstatt one of the most wonderful day trips from Vienna. It is important to keep on mind that Vienna to Hallstatt is a long day trip, but the views are so much worth it!

Explore the Hallstatt day trip


Seegrotte Hinterbrühl Day Trip

If you want a tour near Vienna, then this is a quick one!

Did you know that the largest underground lake in Europe is located near Vienna? Visit the Seegrotte Hinterbrühl, dive into its mystical experiences and take a boat trip inside the lake grotto. If you are wondering what can you combine with Vienna, then make sure you check out this tour.

Explore the Seegrotte Hinterbrühl tour


Salzburg Day Trip

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. Known as the Mozartstadt, Salzburg is a must visit for everyone who really wants to feel the Austrian culture. Looking at all the beautiful lakes and mountains while travelling across the Salzkammergut is among our favorite things to do on the way to Salzburg. When you arrive in Salzburg, take a walk in the old city center, see the great fortress and if there is enough time enjoy the famous “Sound of Music”.

Can you do Salzburg as a day trip from Vienna? Yes, it is possible and it is a wonderful trip, but of course because of the distance you have to be prepared that the trip will be rather a long one. However, we love it!

Explore the Salzburg day trip

Bratislava Day Trip

Is a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna worth it? If you want to discover a new capital city just on the corner, then an exciting day tour from Vienna to Bratislava, might be exactly what you are looking for. When another important town it’s so close, it is a pity not to get to know it. Jump on the bus, discover the Bratislava historic city center and enjoy a Danube boat trip back to Vienna.

Explore the Bratislava day trip

Budapest Day Trip

Are you still wondering where to go from Vienna? Budapest, the worldwide famous capital of Hungary, located on the Danube is another great historical and cultural highlight close to Vienna. Go on a day trip from Vienna to Budapest and see the Budapest Parliament, the St. Stephen’s Basilica and so much more.

Explore the Budapest day trip


More Day Tours from Vienna


Experience an exciting day trip to the Parndorf Shopping Outlet and discover a world of first-class brands at reduced prices. The outlet offers a wide range of fashion and lifestyle brands, including designer labels, sportswear, accessories and much more. Enjoy the relaxed shopping experience in a modern and appealing ambience while you look for bargains and take advantage of exclusive offers. After the shopping, cozy cafes and restaurants invite you to relax and unwind. The Parndorf Outlet is easy to reach from Vienna with the Parndorf Shuttle Bus and promises an entertaining and rewarding day for all shopping enthusiasts. The ultimate one day trip from Vienna for shopping lovers!

Schloss Hof Day Trip from Vienna

Schloss Hof a historical castle in the heart of Austria's Weinviertel region, is a perfect destination for a day trip from Vienna. This magnificent baroque palace and its beautiful gardens offer not only a fascinating insight into history, but also an idyllic setting to relax and explore. Visitors can stroll through the baroque gardens, admire the ornate rooms of the castle and immerse themselves in the past. A visit to the castle promises an unforgettable day full of culture and history.

Find out more about how you can get free entry to Schloss Hof here.

Myra Falls

Escape in the nature and discover the Myra Falls, which are just a short drive from Vienna. A day trip from Vienna to this picturesque area not only offers a welcome break from the hustle of the city, but also breathtaking waterfalls part of the green forests. The hiking trails in the area not offer spectacular views and a great opportunity to experience nature and enjoy the fresh air. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, a visit to the Myra waterfalls is one of the most interesting excursion destinations in the Vienna area.

Forchtenstein Castle Day Trip from Vienna

Forchtenstein Castle is an amazing destination for a day trip from Vienna. The historic fortress in Burgenland, not only offers an impressive insight into the history of the region, but also breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore the castle's beautiful architecture, walk through its impressive halls and admire the rich collection of historical artifacts. Forchtenstein Castle is also known for its famous weapons collection, which is one of the most important in Europe.

Did you know that you could get for free in the castle if you use your Vienna PASS? Learn more here.

Vienna Woods Day Trip

The Vienna Woods is a true gem located just outside Vienna and is perfect for a day trip from Vienna (or even a half-day trip from Vienna). With its breathtaking forests and picturesque hiking trails, the Vienna Woods offers a wonderful escape from the city life. Whether you like hiking, cycling or simply enjoying nature, there's something to suit everyone here. A Vienna Woods day trip to these idyllic surroundings is a great way to get away from it all and recharge your batteries.

Liechtenstein Castle

Discover the exciting Liechtenstien Castle inside with its treasury chamber and enjoy a unique view over Vienna. Guided tours take place every hour on the hour during opening hours, so you can easily find a tour that suits you. Beside this, you can get a free guided tour with the Vienna PASS.

To get there, we recommend taking the underground line U6 to Siebenhirten station. From there, take bus 270 in the direction of Mödling and get off at Maria Enzensdorf Franz Josef Strasse. Immerse yourself in the history of this fascinating castle and experience an unforgettable journey through the centuries.

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