Is it safe to buy online?

Yes! It is completely safe to buy your PASS online!

Your credit or debit card information is secure at all times and there is really no need to be nervous about buying your PASS on the internet.

The VPG Vienna PASS GmbH takes security very seriously and use state of the art and secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. SSL or 'secure mode' means that all of your details are encrypted to help keep them secure.

Encryption creates billions of code combinations to protect each transaction made on our site, so your card and personal details cannot be viewed by anyone else using the internet.

As soon as you access the "details" page of our purchase process, ie. before you enter any personal or payment details, your browser will go into secure mode.

You can check that you are shopping in a secure environment by looking for a locked padlock or a key icon at the bottom or top of your screen.

Card payments are processed by a trusted third party payment processing company - Adyen - who encrypt all credit or debit card information and authorise payments directly. Neither Adyen nor the VPG Vienna PASS GmbH retain your credit card details after purchase. This is why you need to enter your card details each time you order.

We recommend that you always close down your Internet browser when you have finished shopping online, especially if you use a shared PC. This will delete temporary internet cookies from any sites that you may have visited.


Sie können die Inhalte jetzt downloaden um sie später offline zu nutzen. (50MB)